Custom-Bilt Metals offers outstanding warranties on its metal roofing and gutter products. For your convenience, we have three options for submitting your warranty request to Custom-Bilt Metals: Online, Fax or Mail. The online form is located below. Simply complete the form and click the submit button. To fax or mail your warranty information, download the Warranty Registration Form in PDF format. Please complete the form and fax or mail to us according to the instructions on the form.

Coverage varies based on product and location. Please direct specific warranty questions to warranty@custombiltmetals.com.


The sole and exclusive remedy under this Limited Warranty shall be one of the following to be chosen in CBM's sole discretion: repair, recoating, refinishing or one replacement of failed Material. The term "replacement" does not include labor costs of Material removal, fabrication or installation. Any repair, recoating, refinishing, or replacement is limited to the Material only; CBM will NOT pay, or otherwise be responsible for, any costs associated with or related to anything else affixed to the Material or building's roof, including, but not limited, to solar panels or television antennas, without its written consent prior to sale. Any repair, recoating, refinishing, or replacement WILL NOT restart the warranty period. If repair, recoating, refinishing or replacement is not practical, CBM may elect, at its sole option, to refund the original purchase price of the Material paid to CBM. After any refunding of the original purchase price, CBM will cease to have any obligations under this Limited Warranty.


To qualify for a Custom-Bilt Metals warranty, registrations must be received within 150 days of installation.


Is this roof located within 1,500 feet of a saltwater enviroment?:

Does the metal include a high-build primer?:

Does the metal include a clear coat?:
Residential or Commercial - Limited Lifetime
Limited 25 year Zincalume® / Galvalume®

Roofing Warranties

Residential – Limited Lifetime
Residential – Severe Marine (15 Year)
Residential – Severe Marine Extended (20 Year)
Commercial – Standard (30 Year)
Commercial – Severe Marine (15 Year)
Commercial – Severe Marine Extended (20 Year)
Limited 25 Year Zincalume®/Galvalume®

Rain Gutter Warranties

Limited Lifetime Residential or Commercial
Limited 25 Year Zincalume®/Galvalume®